Protect-a-tow rock guard

Protect-a-tow rock guard

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The rock deflector is designed to prevent rocks from hitting either the towed vehicle or the back of your motorhome, unlike those plastic ones that you mount to the front of towed vehicles (those deflect rocks into the back of your motorhome.) It's simple to use and hooks and unhooks in minutes.

Available in two lengths, the standard 60-71 inches and an extra long 72-83 inches since the material will stretch. Length is the distance between the rear bumper of the motor home and the front bumper of your towed vehicle. Both products are the same width which is about 7 foot 6 inches on the motor home side and about 4 foot 6 inches on the towed vehicle side. The standard size fits all of the tow bars we manufacture, but if you use a drop hitch, extension, or add a Ready Brake to a tow bar that doesn't have it integrated into it, you will need the extra long size due to the extra length.

If you have a diesel motor home with an exhaust pipe that points down at the rear bumper where this is installed at, don't use this product. The heat from that exhaust pipe can melt the fabric and might start a fire.

We aim to ship your order as quickly as possible, during the busiest times of the season, tow bar manufacturing lead times can be 3 weeks. If an item is not going to ship quickly, we will be in contact via phone or email. Please reach out if you have any questions on lead times.

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